How can our government better support and foster human values?
Thank you for joining the discussion on future opportunities for our community.

I warmly invite you to contribute your thoughts on the ways you believe the future Queensland Government could better support families, particularly those who support Catholic values. We would like to see improvements in learning and education from a future government that reflects the core values of decency towards Queenslanders.

Your feedback can help to continue shaping an environment for our children, anchored among Catholic values that include respect for others.
Archbishop Mark Coleridge
Whatever you are looking for and no matter why you’ve come here. I hope that you’ll do more than just look in the window. I hope you’ll walk through the door and discover something of who we really are.
The Catholic vision of the family

The family is the foundation on which our Queensland history has been built. Strong family life is the remedy against the social fragmentation that threatens to divide our proud state.

Our political leaders must recognise the importance of family life and create environments that help it to thrive. This includes the humanisation of the economy – making it about people rather than about profit.

Our families benefit from spending time with each other. It’s the most basic of human gatherings.
Catholic schooling in Queensland

For more than a century, Queensland’s Catholic schools have educated students from all walks of life. They have done this with a focus on helping every student to reach their full potential.

Our schools are built on a foundation of social responsibility, self-discipline and Christian values. This is done with the need for all of our schools to be a strong part of their communities.

We need our Queensland Government to understand the importance of Catholic education in helping to inspire a love of learning the enables our students to shape and enrich our state.
The strength of Queensland communities

Queenslanders make up a unique community – we are spread across a vast area but powered by a love of this state. We share a heritage that has formed our Queensland values.

For more than 150 years, Catholic communities across Queensland have played a key role for the state. Our Catholic communities are welcoming, bringing together Queenslanders of long-standing and those who have just become part of our state.

The strength of these communities underpins the state and deserves policy-making that recognises its importance and need to grow.
A role model for healthy families and communities

Even for non-believers, the teachings of Jesus Christ are timeless: “Love your neighbour as yourself …”, “Blessed are the peacemakers …”, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake …”.

There are many others through the gospels that tell of a story that happened 2000 years ago. The basics of that story remain relevant today in the pursuit of strong families, strong communities and a strong state.

Queensland is better when we have policies built on mutual respect for all of us.
The Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane spans the state’s southeast – from the NSW border north to Hervey Bay and west to Gatton.

The Archdiocese is home to hundreds of thousands of Catholics from many walks of life.

The Archdiocese has a wide reach through its 97 parishes, 141 schools and its social services arm Centacare.

Brisbane’s Catholic network further extends through schools run by religious orders and through Catholic hospitals.

That enables Brisbane’s Catholics to have the Church alongside them throughout their lives, fostering the values that underpin strong communities.